Peer-to-Peer Mental Health Support

Join us for an introductory training course on promoting mental health as a vital life skill. You'll learn to enhance your own mental health and support others in doing the same.


Mental health from peer-to-peer perspective

In this training you will understand the concept of mental health and its importance in our daily lives. You develop life skills that help you to promote your own mental health and see when you can support others.

As a young person you will also learn how to engage, connect and empower other young people to talk about mental health.

As a youth worker you will look at mental health from your professional point of view. You see when you can promote, support, or help the young people you are working with.

Young people and youth workers can compare their viewpoints and learn from each other.

Who can participate?

Form a team of 1-2 youth workers and 1-2 young people and apply with the same application. This training has room for 27-30 participants (9-10 teams).

When forming the team, please pay attention on the following:

  • the team’s organisation carries out regular youth activities on local level
  • young people come from the organisation’s local activities
  • team members belong to the same organisation
  • young people are 17-22 years old
  • youth workers are responsible for the young people in their team

Goals of the training

  • Raise awareness of mental health as a positive resource
  • Develop mental health skills of youth workers and young people
  • Understand peer-to-peer methods in mental health promotion
  • Learn tools for promoting mental health
  • Learning through active methods

The training uses active group works, exercises and interactive presentations for discussing the topic. Potentially, there can be visits to other organisations or time for self-care time.

We use English as the training language. English is a second language for most of us, so do not be afraid of your language skills. Somebody will help you to express your thoughts or explain the things.

What days should I book?

With the travel days the whole duration of the training is 5 days. Arrival on Sunday November 10 in the evening. Training days Monday – Wednesday 11-13 November. Departure on Thursday November 14 in the morning.

Trainers know what peer-to-peer means!

Inge Esselen (Belgium) and Sigita Braža-Skujiņa (Latvia) have experience in peer education mental health topics.

This training course is part of a long-term project Mental Health in Youth Work. (link to be embedded to the name in bold letters )

Small actions for a better world

In our activities, we believe in creating a place where everyone feels safe, respected and valued. No matter where you come from, you belong here! Let us explore what makes our safer space special.

Accessibility is for all. If you have personal needs, let us know. We can provide sign language interpretation or adjust our methods making sure everyone can participate.

Positive mind, positive vibes, because mental health matters. We will work together to improve our mental wellbeing in a community that cares. Let ‘s create memories, learn from each other, and grow together.

We hope to be a bit greener, where it is possible. Maybe you can consider travelling to Bulgaria by train or bus, instead of flying? And you can ask us to adjust your meals to your preferred or needed diet.

Unterkunft und Verpflegung

The Bulgarian National Agency will cover accommodation and meals during the activity, starting on a dinner on Sunaday and finishing at breakfast on Thursday. Your diets and food allergies will be taken in consideration.

Teilnehmende Länder

Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries




The Bulgarian National Agency does not collect a participation fee.


Your travel costs will be reimbursed by the National Agency in your own country. The practices vary between countries, you may be reimbursed wholly, or you may have to cover a certain part of your travel costs. Your National Agency can answer questions about travel costs.

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10. November bis 14. November 2024 Human Resource Development Centre Gruppengröße: 30 Anmeldefrist: 1. Oktober 2024, 00:00