ACA European Policy Seminar on Digitalisation for Internationalisation


"From physical to virtual? Internationalising higher education in the digital age" ist der Titel der Veranstaltung.

Will virtual education become the new paradigm of internationalisation? Will it succeed and replace the traditional modes of international cooperation and internationalisation, such as the mobility of students and faculty, international curricula, etc?

In the one-day programme, there will be policy updates on the digitalisation of higher education in Europe, with a particular attention paid to the new Erasmus programme 2021-2027, and an overview of the latest developments of digital infrastructure and digital tools that are at the disposal of universities for advancing their internationalisation ambitions.

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22. November 2019 (ganztägig) Brüssel, Belgien Academic Cooperation Association Veranstaltung im iCal-Format speichern