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Erasmus+ Jugend in Aktion - Trainingskalender

Im Rahmen von „Erasmus+: Jugend in Aktion" gibt es die Möglichkeit verschiedene Trainings- und Weiterbildungsmaßnahmen zu besuchen.

Erasmus+ Jugend in Aktion

Oktober 2020

online (no venue) JUGEND für Europa The massive open online course includes organised learning resources covering all 3 Key-actions of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. This course is constantly available, you can enrol now without applying:

online: ZOOM platform European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre SoliDARE online aims to bring together representatives from organisations active in European Solidarity Corps programme. The event aims to start building up the community of organisations that are part of the European Solidarity Corps network.

Eupen, Kloster Heidberg Jugendbüro VoG The aim of the exchange meeting is to shape the non-formal educational mission in a future-oriented way and to establish a common wording for the German-speaking countries within the European framework.

November 2020

ONLINE JUGEND für Europa Training for advanced Trainers focusing on the dimension of being civically engaged, based on the ETS competence model for trainers working at international level.

İstanbul Turkish National Agency It is aimed to reach out trainers/facilitators, youth workers/leaders with or without disabilities in order to improve their capacities for working with young people with disabilities in local/national/international level in terms of E+ YiA Programme.

Vinci (Empoli) Bureau International Jeunesse The training course will support Erasmus + agencies in desigining and implementing activities based on the Online Toolkit for municipalities. We will train trainers, experts, consultants & other multipliers to help municipalities in improving their work.

Dezember 2020

İstanbul Turkish National Agency A Youth Exchange needs content. Tools for Youth Exchanges is a training that enables participants to explore tools around group processes, (intercultural) learning, involvement of young people and how to facilitate these tools during a youth exchange.

Januar 2021

Ljubljana Movit, Slovenian NA, in cooperation with Austrian NA, Cyprus NA, Finnish NA, Islandic NA Are you interested in innovation and digitalisation in youth work? Would you like to discover a new tool to innovate your youth workers practices, services and approaches?

Februar 2021

Budapest Tempus Public Foundation Erasmus+ Youth The training course will support municipality staff in desigining, developing and implementing youth participation in decision making and improving local democracy through the use of the Democracy Reloading online Toolkit.